Merced Property & Casualty, in liquidation

Liquidation Order: December 3, 2018

The Insurance Commissioner of the State of California v Merced Property & Casualty

Superior Court of the State of California, County of Merced Case No. 18CV-04739


The California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA) is diligently working with the Liquidator's Office to obtain the open claims information it needs to handle claims relating to policies issued to Merced Property & Casualty policyholders.  At this point CIGA has very limited information on open claims and all claims records are with the insolvent insurer which is being overseen by the liquidator, the California Insurance Department's Conservation and Liquidation Office (CLO).  The CLO will manage the transfer of claims to CIGA.  CIGA will then be able to respond to inquiries and begin processing claims.   We anticipate being able to process claims beginning December 10, 2018.



We understand this has been a difficult situation.  We are here to help.  We are only able to produce physical checks so finding you is our priority.  You may provide current contact information to CIGA at:

California Insurance Guarantee Association

P O Box 29066

Glendale, CA  91209-9066

818.844.4300 (office) 818.291.1863 (fax)

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will CIGA receive my claim?

If your claim is on the books of Merced Property & Casualty as an open claim, CIGA anticipates receiving information about it by December 10, 2018.  Once that information is received, CIGA will be able to respond to inquiries and process claims.


What if I have a new claim that I want to file with Merced Property & Casualty?

If you have a pending claim or if you have an insured loss that occurs prior to the cancellation date, please contact CIGA at the address, phone number or email provided above.


Has my policy been cancelled?

Pursuant to the Liquidation Order all Merced insurance policies are required to be cancelled effective 30 days from the date of the liquidation or January 2, 2019, unless your policy terminates prior to this date. Insureds are encouraged to work with your insurance broker to replace your Merced insurance coverage immediately.


I paid premiums for coverage beyond the cancellation date and am due some return premium.  Will CIGA refund those premiums?

All of the policy records including what premiums were charged and what premium was actually paid are with the liquidator of the insurer and not the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA).  CIGA has no information on what premiums were charged to a policyholder and what payments were received by the insolvent insurer.  While CIGA does pay "unearned premium" back to policyholders, it cannot do so until it receives information from the liquidator of the insolvent insurer.  By statute, CIGA pays the amount the liquidator tells CIGA is due to a policyholder.  So, until CIGA is given that information it is not capable of making any payment of "unearned premium".


Will CIGA replace a returned check that I originally received from Merced Property & Casualty?

CIGA is required to investigate each claim to determine whether it qualifies as a "covered claim" and to determine the amount of such "covered claim".  To the extent a "returned check" qualifies as a "covered claim", CIGA will issue payment.